Wire Sawing in Weymouth, Dorset

Wire Sawing in Weymouth

Weymouth is one of south west England’s best known holiday spots. As a popular resort town, the city managers have to ensure that the transport and amenities infrastructures are well maintained. Having a breakdown or finding that the towns capacity has been exceeded in peak season would lead to a tarnished reputation. Far better to take preventative action and make sure everything operates as smoothly as possible all the time. Everything has an estimated life expectancy. This enables the authorities to replace fixtures like water and sewerage mains and transport infrastructure before they fail. When things like road bridge supports or large diameter pipes need replacing, removing the existing structures can be very difficult.

24-7 Diamond Drilling and Sawing Services are well experienced in all forms of cutting. When we are faced with highly reinforced pillars, beams and decks, we know the only way to deal with them is to use diamond wire saws. Diamond wire saws are extremely flexible and can easily handle the toughest job. The wire can be threaded through walls or behind pillars and beams. This means that the structure can be sawn away without interfering with any other sections. Wire saws are also capable of sawing perfectly round holes in reinforced walls which is ideal for civil engineering purposes.

Weymouth Wire Sawing Case Study

Brief: 24-7 Diamond Drilling & Sawing services Limited were instructed to carry out a diamond Wire sawing job within the water board. Segments of a water main needed to be replaced. Sawing needed to remove the large diameter pipe which had to be cut into specific lengths for extraction and loading.

Solution: 24-7s hi-tech equipment, including their wire saws, were used because the wire could be passed around the pipe; which made sawing easy and safe. The correct diameter and size and pipe sections could be removed; allowing the contractor to insert the new section of pipes safely. The Client was very happy with the results.

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We specialise in Diamond Drilling and Sawing on a Domestic and Commercial level, with over 37 years’ experience – you know you’re in safe hands!

24-7 Diamond Drilling & Sawing Services offer a nationwide and overseas service, with our head office being based in Devon and a further outlet operating out of Weymouth.

Our work is mainly within the construction industry and we work closely with our client base, such as, Morgan Sindall, Sir Robert McAlpine, Kier, Bam Construction, Balfour Beatty, Bowmer Kirkland, Nevada Construction, Bouygoues, Tilbury Douglas, Acheson Construction, McCarthy Stone, also smaller Building & Construction Companies, the Government sectors and general public requirements.

24-7 Diamond Drilling prides itself on giving its clients a first class service on budget and a rapid response time, resulting in our clients knowing that whatever works are undertaken, that they have been carried out in a safe and professional manner.

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