Wire Sawing in Exeter, Devon

Wire Sawing in Exeter

Many roads lead to Exeter. For many Britons, it is on route to their favourite holiday destination, the south west of England. Before the completion of the M5 in 1977, Exeter high season traffic jams were legendary. Today, local commuter traffic is the main cause of traffic build up on the access routes to the city centre, so the authorities are no strangers to the need to keep their roads as free flowing as possible. Widening and extending roads can often mean the removal of existing bridges and barriers. Removing a bridge is not as simple as breaking it into pieces and carting away the rubble. They are highly reinforced things which require specialist equipment and skill to dismantle.

24-7 Diamond Drilling and Sawing Services have worked on many large projects involving the removal of many tons of concrete. Because of the load bridges have to carry, the decks and supports are substantial and highly reinforced. The environmentally friendly way to demolish structures like bridges and buildings with reinforced columns and beams is to use a wire saw. With a wire saw, operators are able to access difficult areas. The wire saw can be threaded around the back of a pillar or beam which is then sawed through from the back to the front. Decks also pose less of a challenge when a wire saw is used. Holes drilled through the deck allows the wire to be threaded and the deck cut into manageable sections and removed by lifting facilities. Where a bridge spanning a river needs to be removed, the wire saw is capable of working under water. This is possible because the blade, which resembles a rope, allows the drive to be positioned away from where the work is being done.

Exeter Wire Sawing Case Study

Brief: 24-7 Diamond Drilling & Sawing Services Limited were instructed to carry out a diamond wire sawing work on the River Dart. The purpose of the works was to cut out a table within the stone waterbed to enable salmon to go back up river easily.

Solution: Deploy wire saw because of its flexibility and that the wire can work at a distance from the motor and handler.

The flexibility to function within water makes light work of such jobs and projects.

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