Track & Wall Sawing in Bournemouth, Dorset

Track & Wall Sawing in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a relatively new town as English towns go. Until about 1810 it was a windswept heath frequented by smugglers. From 1810 to 1835 the area saw gradual development as London’s well-healed classes slowly realised it was a great place to escape the smog and bustle of their home town. In 1835 local landowners saw the gap and started to develop what had become a small seaside village into a resort along the lines of Weymouth and Brighton which were already well developed. In 1841 a physician, Augustus Granville, put the town on the map when he devoted an entire chapter to it in his book “The Spas of England”. He strongly recommended it to people with health problems, particularly chest ailments.

From then until very recently, the town’s economy has been based on the leisure and holiday industry. But in the last few years, this has changed. With the technology explosion and the release of people and companies from geographical restrictions, the financial sector has taken over from the leisure industry as the town’s biggest employer. This change of emphasis has brought a need for more residential development and office space.

When a town changes character, as Bournemouth is doing, the call for building and construction services rises. Existing road and rail systems need to be upgraded and council services have to be extended. 24-7 Diamond Drilling and Sawing Services Limited is front and centre when it comes to well-equipped, highly skilled service providers. Wall and Track Sawing is one of the services we offer. Wall Sawing is required in all areas of civil engineering and at all stages of development; from construction to renovation to remodelling to demolition. Track saws are so called because the saw head is mounted on a rail while the power supply, usually pneumatic, is located some distance away. This allows us to saw into vertical surfaces in horizontal, vertical and any angle in between.

Because track saw heads are relatively light they can be used on steeply sloping surfaces and floors where structural problems prevent the use of conventional floor saws. A third advantage track saws have is this: The tracks and saw heads can be carried into confined or hard to get to areas. The power supply is remote, so it can be several metres away, outside the tunnel or tight space where the sawing is being done. At 24-7 Diamond Drilling and Sawing Services we take great pride in our skilled operators and our hi-tech equipment. We are also proud of our excellent track record which is due to our insistence of best practice when it comes to health and safety issues. To ensure that we remain at the top of our industry, we are fully CHAS compliant.

Bournemouth Wall Sawing Case Study

Brief: A building from the Victorian era was to be partly demolished with the remaining section to be incorporated into a new office complex for the client. The two sections had to be detached from one another. We were commissioned to bring in Track Sawing equipment which could be taken into very tight areas and make critical cuts so that the building could be partly removed.

Solution: Health and Safety were of critical importance. Reinforcing scaffolding was installed before the operation began. We used track mounted and hand held equipment.

The client was very happy with the results and brought us in to provide diamond drilling services to facilitate the insertion of rebar where the new section was to be attached to the old section.

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