Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance

24-7 Diamond Drilling & Sawing Services Limited take its environmental responsibilities very seriously, we will promote good sustainability practices in all our activities, therefore reducing our effect on the environment whenever and wherever possible and to actively encourage our customers to do the same.

24-7 Diamond Drilling ensure that all its staff are fully aware and compliant of 24-7 Diamond Drillings environmental policies, that all Operatives are trained in it’s high-quality service, to actively, on all occasions to adhere to them, to have no or a minimum impact on environmental aspects and whenever possible, to go above and beyond the policy.

24-7 Diamond Drilling Operatives are guided and taught to always respect their customers environmental policies that are actively in place on all works taken on. That all inductions on sites are adhered to and carried out with professionalism and good practice.

24-7 Diamond Drilling achieved its targets by having a structured, concise Environmental Management System and Practices in place, all of which follow their achieved BS EN ISO 14001. The Management System in place is constantly reviewed during our Management Review Meetings and any updating to our Policies are passed on to our staff to ensure a continued effective, efficient system that all our Operatives adhere to, thus ensuring that any relevant legislation or codes of practices remain appropriate to the running of 24-7 Diamond Drillings needs and future requirements.

24-7 Diamond Drillings Environmental Policy is always available to all employees and the public, always ensuring their commitment to the Environment. 24-7 Diamond Drillings Environmental Policy is regularly updated along with their Health and Safety Policy all of which may be obtained by emailing info@247diamonddrilling.co.uk

Slurry and the production of: – 24-7 Diamond Drilling control and monitor the production of slurry, ensuring that no leakage into the environment occurs beyond their control.  24-7 Diamond Drilling ensures that it is disposed of correctly whilst working on larger sites with the Policies and Codes of Practise of their client , and if required by the Contractor will remove the slurry through 24-7 Diamond Drillings own Golz “Slurryfox” and environmentally dispose of the water and waste product.

Our Brokk at Work

Why You Need Our Services

We specialise in Diamond Drilling and Sawing on a Domestic and Commercial level, with over 37 years’ experience – you know you’re in safe hands!

24-7 Diamond Drilling & Sawing Services offer a nationwide and overseas service, with our head office being based in Devon and a further outlet operating out of Weymouth.

Our work is mainly within the construction industry and we work closely with our client base, such as, Morgan Sindall, Sir Robert McAlpine, Kier, Bam Construction, Balfour Beatty, Bowmer Kirkland, Nevada Construction, Bouygoues, Tilbury Douglas, Acheson Construction, McCarthy Stone, also smaller Building & Construction Companies, the Government sectors and general public requirements.

24-7 Diamond Drilling prides itself on giving its clients a first class service on budget and a rapid response time, resulting in our clients knowing that whatever works are undertaken, that they have been carried out in a safe and professional manner.

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