Brokk Robotic Demolition & Concrete Bursting in Dorchester, Dorset

Brokk Robotic Demolition & Concrete Bursting in Dorchester, Dorset

The folk of Dorchester are no strangers to demolition and redevelopment. For centuries the city fathers weren’t able to expand their town beyond the city walls – the land on three sides was owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. So, the town is well used to recycling their space; demolishing buildings and redeveloping properties. Dorchester has remarkably few ancient buildings for a town of its age.

Demolition is an essential sector in the construction and civil engineering industries. 24-7 Diamond Drilling and Sawing Services has 25 years of experience in demolition and is equipped with the best demolition plant and machinery available.

The name Brokk is well known to anyone in the construction world. Purpose built for demolition in tight and inaccessible places, Brokk machines are capable of drilling, jackhammering, crunching and cutting. They are remotely operated, electrically powered, tracked vehicles carrying hydraulically operated tools. Their tracks enable them to climb stairs and clamber over rubble that would stop most other machines. Remote controls allow the operator to be at a safe distance from the work area and the lack of a combustion engine means there are no exhaust fumes to deal with.

For jobs the Brokks cannot manage, we use concrete bursting equipment. Structures like dam walls, piers, heavy duty foundations and structures up to five metres thick can be broken up with concrete bursting technology.

Dorchester Brokk Robotic Demolition & Concrete Bursting Case Study

Brief: 24-7 Diamond Drilling & Sawing Services Limited were contracted to carry out demolition job on two, three storey towers which had to be demolished. Brokk equipment hoisted to top level and operated from a platform.

Solution: Noise and dust were a major factor so crunching jaws were used. The electrically driven equipment enabled us to operate during office hours. Breaking the structure in to chunks with the crusher meant less dust and there was no disturbance from jackhammers.

Our project management and frequent progress reports particularly impressed our client.

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We specialise in Diamond Drilling and Sawing on a Domestic and Commercial level, with over 37 years’ experience – you know you’re in safe hands!

24-7 Diamond Drilling & Sawing Services offer a nationwide and overseas service, with our head office being based in Devon and a further outlet operating out of Weymouth.

Our work is mainly within the construction industry and we work closely with our client base, such as, Morgan Sindall, Sir Robert McAlpine, Kier, Bam Construction, Balfour Beatty, Bowmer Kirkland, Nevada Construction, Bouygoues, Tilbury Douglas, Acheson Construction, McCarthy Stone, also smaller Building & Construction Companies, the Government sectors and general public requirements.

24-7 Diamond Drilling prides itself on giving its clients a first class service on budget and a rapid response time, resulting in our clients knowing that whatever works are undertaken, that they have been carried out in a safe and professional manner.

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